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1.Favourite Metal sub-genre?
2.Favourite Death metal band?
3.Favourite Thrash metal band?
4.Favourite Black metal band?
5.Favourite Sludge metal band?
6.Favourite Doom metal band?
7.Favourite Grindcore band?
8.Favourite Stoner Metal band?
9.What's worse, Metalcore, Nu-Metal, or Glam Metal?
10.Most Metal non Metal band?
11.A Metal band, you don't like, but understand why people like?
12.If you were to start a metal band what genre would it be?
13.Best Decade of Metal?
14.Modern thrash or Old School Thrash?
15.Serious or Humorous lyrics?
16.Best Live Metal band?
17.Should metal have anything to do with religion?
18.Biggest Douchebag in Metal?
19.(this band) or (that band)
20.Favourite Metal Band from your country?
21.Favourite Metal Band from your province / state, etc?
22.Most embarrassing Metal band you like?
23.Punk or Metal?
24.Worst Band in your favourite genre of Metal?
25.CD, MP3, FLAC, Cassette or Vinyl?
26.Patch Vests, yes or no?
27.(this genre) or (that genre)
28.Coolest chick in Metal?
29.Coolest dude in Metal?
30.Most Attractive person in Metal?
31.Do you mosh?
32.Opinions on stage diving?
33.A good band that sucks live?
34.3 Most Overrated Metal bands?
35.Most Underrated?
36.Stupidest logo?
37.Coolest logo?
38.Fast or Heavy?
39.Clean or Harsh Vocals?
40.First few Metal bands you liked?
41.A Metal band you loved now hate?
42.A Metal band you hated now love?
43.Favourite instrument?
44.Best crossover genre?
45.Opinions on corpse paint?


An Anglo-Saxon coin minted under King Coenwulf, decorated with crosses and various simple designs.

Cast out of silver.

Made in the early 9th century in the Kingdom of Mercia.

Currently held at the British Museum.

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